Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 10. The End

In the two dungeons, I’ve found more people, but no villagers this time. Both of the people accused me of being “the alien who abducted them”. One of them was a woman who was also missing her husband. After clearing these two, I managed to find a few more dungeons, saving more unknown people. Soon, Annela gave me the password past that one room in the first “techy” dungeon so I went there two, which just created even more mysteries.

While doing all of this, I started finding chisels and flower seeds, which I would give to the villagers so they could make stone statues for the plaza and plant flowers around the village. The village started to look really nice because of it. I even managed to raise the red fupong to the max level, but I never got the chance to use it.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, A Sad Fupong

A sad fupong.

After clearing all of the available dungeons, Annela finally woke up, so I spoke to her. She said she remembers allot of things now. It was Sword who abducted her from her world, even though he doesn’t remember. After hearing all of this, Sword promised he will do anything to get to the bottom of the mystery. Annela said she had a dream while in the hospital, about a portal opening up under Swords bed, so they both decided to spend the night at his place (nothing sexual, you pervs). The dream turned out to be true and a new portal opened up. This one took them to a control room of a spaceship and that is when they realized the truth. The whole of Webb village is just an Illusion created in the spaceship. The ship was hit by a meteor and is malfunctioning so this is why the earthquakes started happening in the village.

Before I could do anything, the control robot, which also malfunctioned, attacked Sword and Annela. Sword managed to kill it in basically one it, but it was to late…

Annela was dead!

Sword tried to do everything he could think off, but it was to late. All he could do was to give her a burial in space. I explored the rest of the ship and found the main computer. According to the diagnostics program, a part was missing. The computer said that it indeed was Sword that brought all the people to the village. Why he lost his memory was unknown, but it was probably due to the malfunction. All of the caves he was exploring were actually subspace passages to various locations in timespace. I also found the place where the meteor hit, and discovered the Subspace Dungeon. At the bottom of it, I’ve found the missing part and used it to repair the computer. Once this was done, the autopilot was engaged and the ship suddenly started moving to an unknown location. Sword tried to stop it, but the ship wouldn’t listen.

The location was Earth!

He used the transporter to exit the ship and he was greeted by a bunch of scientists, one of which was professor Atom, who explained everything. Humanity is dying out. There is a strange disease that is systematically destroying the human DNA and the cause of it is unknown. The doctors are trying to do everything, but nothing is working. They considered time travel to go to the past and find people with healthy DNA, but there is no technology that could send a living organism to the past. This is when they got an idea. They sent a ship with an artificial intelligence to the past to find Sword. The ship would then travel at the speed of light and thus use time dilation to “travel to the future” and get more people on the way to the present. Their DNA could then be used to restore the missing pieces and cure the disease. Just as the last people were found, the ship was hit by the meteor and the mission could not be completed. Now that the ship is back, though, Sword could use the minimizer machine in the lab to shrink to a microscopic level and restore the DNA.

Off course, this is what I did and humanity was saved. The “dungeon” was a tough one and I had to try several times, but in the end, I got to the bottom level, defeated the boss and fixed the DNA. The problem now is, there is no technology that could be used to bring the people who’s DNA saved humanity back to their own times. They decided to all stay and live in the Webb village, as there is nothing else that could be done.

This is when professor Atom got an idea. Why not use the ship to continue traveling to the future until such technology is invented? Sword agreed and started the ship again. A few generations later, he got back to Earth and was greeted by professor Tatom, the great, great, great, great granchild of professor Atom. He managed to invent the technology needed and everyone could now return.

One by one, the villagers entered the machine and went back to their homes. The professor gave each of them a gem to remember him by. The last person to go was Sword, but then he got an idea. Instead of going back to his own time, he went back to the moment he and Annela were attacked by the robot. This time, the battle was much tougher, but I managed to win and Annela was saved! He got her back to Webb village and then it was time for her to return to her own time to.

Sword, on the other hand, decided to stay on the ship. After all, he would have probably died in his own time line, as he was taken from a shipwreck. He would use the ship to travel through space and live out his days with his only company being the fupongs that were left behind.

One day, he was walking through the village, when a strange light appeared in Annela’s old house. He opened the door and she was there. Annela was back! The game that the professor was giving to all the villagers is actually a device that she used to return to Sword. As she was explaining this, all the other houses lit up to. All of the villagers decided to return. They loved their time in Webb village and they missed each other and sword, so they all decided to live there, instead of in their own times. They will use the ship to go on more fun adventures and live out their lives together in happiness.