Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 3. Whedon, the Blacksmith

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it somehow slipped my mind.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon Art

No screenshots on the DS, so here’s some more art I found online.

Anyway, I finally did manage to complete that one dungeon and save Whedon. He’s the local Blacksmith, so I now have to get upgrades for him to. I also did a few runs to get some experience, money and upgrade items, but not to much. I guess now I have to find another discarded item somewhere and use it to open another portal. I think I will also give up on raising fupongs as they have a tendency to just disappear. I think I need to read the manual as I don’t get what exactly causes that.  I will try to play some more today, but you can expect my post quality and frequency to drop for the next 2 and a half weeks, since my exams are starting and my free time will be very limited.