The Witcher [2] – Outskirts of Vizima

I arrived at the outskirts of Vizima to find the place haunted by a demonic dog beast. No one knew where it came from, but it has been happening for weeks. The city of  Vizima itself is under quarantine due to a plague, so there was no help from there, leaving the farmers and villagers to fend for themselves.

I got to the local in just in time to see the beast attack a woman and a child. I managed to save the child, but it was too late for the woman, sadly. As the fight was over, some sort of spirit took over the child and started issuing warnings about a coming doom. It seems the child is a medium of some sort. This is probably why the local witch, Abigail, immediately offered to take him in.

At the inn, I was greeted by Shani, a young medic who seemed to know me, although I had no memory of her, due to the amnesia. We exchanged a few words before I moved on. I decided to leave the inn and patrol the outskirts during the night, to help fend off the beast’s attacks. To the east, there was a house belonging to Odo, one of the richer villagers. The man was obviously a drunkard, which in no way explained the fine set of armor he had on display in his home. I tried to get some information out of him, but he would not speak before I spoke to the local reverend.

The Witcher, Shani

Shani looks a bit out of place when the game introduces her.

I moved on, and soon arrived at the cluster of houses surrounding a chapel. The reverend’s house was next to the chapel so I immediately went to introduce myself. The reverend very obviously belonged to the worst type of religious folk – the overly zealous. I took a firm stance and eventually managed to get his cooperation. He asked me to light the shrines of the Eternal Fire scattered throughout the outskirts, hoping their flames would scare away the beast. I was skeptical, but I decided to listen, hoping it would get me a bit further with him.

The first shrine was at the village, so I lit that one immediately. I started following the main road and lighting one after the other. Eventually, this led me on a circular route through the outskirts and back to the chapel. The reverend was thankful and started to get more talkative. He revealed his suspicions that Abigail, the witch has something to do with the beast.

The Witcher, Zoltan

Zoltan is Geralt’s other friend.

Her house was at the other side of the outskirts, so I decided to take the northern route there, hoping to explore more of the area. At the riverbank, I’ve encountered a bunch of tugs threatening the dwarf. I do not share the racist tendencies most of the simple folk have, so I decided to help him out. It turned out; this was another person who knew me before I lost my memories. His name was Zoltan Chivay and he’s stuck in the outskirts, trying to enter the city.

I agreed to meet him later, at the inn, and continued towards the witch’s hut.