Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 6. What’s a “Car”?

I again had some spare time on my train rides and between study sessions so I managed to advance the plot a bit.

First I revisited some old dungeons to upgrade a few shops and gather some fupongs for Whip. Once I filled the entire ranch, their weight caused something to break and a portal to the Ancient Ruins dungeon opened up. Now, this one was a bit longer than usual. Around level four, I’ve found Annela’s hair ornament and a few levels later i had to defeat a boss. This one was extremely easy, so he was done on my first try. I saved my game and continued deeper.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword and Some Fupongs

Here’s Sword with some fupongs, this time.

Two levels later, I’ve found Annela unconscious. She woke up, but couldn’t remember anything. Even though she didn’t trust me to much, I managed to talk her into going back to the village with me. We went back and visited the chief, who gave her a spare room until he manages to rebuild her house. The chief said I should go rest, so I did, but before I went to bed, Annela visited and it seemed like she started remembering things. However, she said something about being in a car when a bright light appeared. The problem is, no one in the village has any idea what a “car” is. The plot thickens!

Annela left and Sword went to bed. In the morning, Giggles ran in, woke him up and said Annela was gone. The entire village was looking for her, so I probably should to. This is where I saved my game and stopped playing.