Ys: Origin [5] – Curing Petrification

I spoke to the priest first, but he didn’t know what to do. I then went to see the goddess and she told me it might be possible to remove petrification, but an extremely powerful item, the Dream Idol, is needed. Luckily, Dino might have it with him, since he was tasked with protecting it at the shrine. I went and asked him about it, and he had no issues with giving it to me. The problem was I still needed a strong source of magic to power it.

Ys: Origin - Trapped Goddess

The flow of the story makes me think the game was cut short during development. It’s either that, or just poor writing.

The copy was enough to power the Idol and I managed to remove the petrification from the knights. They all thanked me and one of them gave me the medallion I needed to move on. I teleported to the boss immediately and started the fight. It was a huge mantis insect this time, and he wasn’t too hard to beat. The catch was, it summoned a bunch of minions once it was at low health, so I had to kill as many of those as possible, or they would heal it.Since I had nothing, I continued to explore the rest of Blighted Blood, using the key I found to open a door stopping me from doing so before. I managed to get all the way to the next boss, but I couldn’t open the door, since I was missing the required medallion. I backtracked a bit and soon found an area I didn’t see before. I stumbled into Hugo there, having an argument with one of the opposing party’s members, the man with the claw weapons. After he left, Hugo gave me the Black Pearl, or actually, a weaker copy of it that the enemy was using.

Ys: Origin Insect Boss

This boss wasn’t too hard, but mostly because I was a bit overleveled.

The next area was called Demonic Core, and it had a high-tech purple theme going with it. It was pretty straightforward to explore, with not much backtracking needed. Halfway to the end of it, I encountered a huge mirror. It looked like a portal of some kind, but it was blocked by magic, so I couldn’t do anything about it.

Moments after I purified the second goddess statue of the floor, something happened with the tower. It looked like it started sprouting, for lack of a better word. Huge tendrils grew out of it and enveloped the entire Solomon Shrine. Before I could even think about it, Epona ambushed me again, saying something about how Dalles started the ritual and how the era of Darklings is about to arrive. I beat her a second time, again with ease, and found a magical rod in her possession. I’m hoping the artefact will unlock the mirror and help me continue on.

That was enough for this session, though.