Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 5. Saving Whip and Keesh

I managed to squeeze in some time today and I also played a bit during the train ride home yesterday, so here goes…

I talked to the chief and he gave me his super nose again. Using that, I managed to find the pot lid and it opened up another dungeon for me, this time a nature oriented one. I also talked to Weldon and he gave me some strange spices that he found in the dungeon. I fed those spices to the fupong at the chieftain’s house and this opened a portal to another dungeon. Since I had two dungeons to chose from this time, I decided to go with the one nearby – fupong’s Ruins dungeon.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword and Anella

Not a screenshot this time, Sword and Anella.

It turned out it was pretty hard, so I died a bunch of times. On the plus side, I got a nice sum of money, so I could finally afford the drain sword. This one allows me to sometimes restore my life when attacking enemies so it made things much easier. I got to the end of the dungeon and found Whip there. He said he ate some moss nearby so he is sick now. I got him back to the village, where he managed to infect some other people with the same sickness. Now I have to solve this new problem, as well as clear the other dungeon where Giggles’ mom should be.

I went to speak to the doctor and he just happened to conveniently discover a cure-all medicine. He used it on the Whip and he got better. Problem is, he doesn’t have any more of it so now Helmut and Macey are still sick. I have to go get some ingredients so he can make more of the medicine. The flowers he needs are in the Forest dungeon so I went there to find them. Of course it was at the bottom level and, before I could pick them, I got attacked. The boss gave me a hard time at first, but once I figured out his attack patterns, it was easy. I got the blue flowers and went back to the village. Soon, everyone was fine and the chief decided to rebuild Whip’s ranch. The fupongs will be there now, since there’s more room at the ranch.

With all the dying, I also managed to acquire enough organic fertilizer to upgrade the ranch, so this was the first thing I did. For 300 gold, the fupong can now also find pong pods around town. I had no idea what those are so I tried it once and I got some weird container thing. I believe I can put fupong’s I find in the dungeon in there so I can bring back more of them. Of course, in the pod, they cant be used, so I guess this is used for farming them or something.

After all of this, I went back to the Mine dungeon and saved Giggles’ mom, Keesh. Compared to all the other stuff, this was easy and I did it on first try.When I came back, the chief held a meeting in the village meeting room. The villagers asked Sword how come he wasn’t taken and he explained how Anella asked the light not to take him. It turns out, this was the reason the Away took the entire village. If she hadn’t asked that, Sword would be the only one taken. Half the village (the dumb ones) are now blaming Sword for what happened and expect him to save everyone. Since that’s what he has been doing all this time, I guess nothing is changing.

After the meeting, the chief told me that Whip has been looking for me, so I went to see him. He said that I should round up some fupongs, but I have no idea what that means. Should I gather up fupongs from old dungeons in order to unlock a new one? In any case, this is where I saved my game and stopped playing.