The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [8] – Loving It!

I love the way this game plays out.

The next dungeon took me a bit to find, but it wasn’t too hidden. The statue at the village square had a trident I could grip and pull out, which opened the entrance. Again, this dungeon was different.

The first area consisted of four huge rooms, both with two different levels and randomly interconnected passages. It required plenty of walking back and forth to get access to different parts via alternate routes. I got the map, the compass and the boss key, all in the same room. There were also a couple of other chests containing rupies and other random items.

A Link to the Past, Fourth Crystal Dungeon

Compared to the last, this dungeon was a lot more homely.

Once that was out of the way, the next area had a second floor, as well as a basement. I went to the second floor and cleared it, but there was nothing there, that I could see. Then I went to the basement and found a girl trapped in a cell. I was supposed to escort her out, but I decided to explore the rest of the cellar first. It was worth it.

In one of the rooms, I found the Titan Gauntlet. This one allows me to lift even the heaviest rocks and boulders, so there will be a lot of exploring after this dungeon. I wasn’t done yet, though. I escorted the girl to the ground floor and then stopped by the boss room before taking her out. Nothing was there, though. I tried to go back to the second floor, since something was bound to be there, but the girl left me before I climbed the stairs.

Because of this, I was sure something was there. That’s when I realized one of the most basic things. You can lift and throw bombs. I have no idea if the Titan Gauntlet allowed me this, or if I was just clueless, but this was honestly the first time I figured it out. With that knowledge, I knew what I had to do.

The second floor had a room at the end of it. Part of the floor there was crumbling, but it was surrounded by walls, so I couldn’t place a bomb on it. I could, however, throw one. Since the room was right above the boss room, I went back there next, but the boss was still absent. The light from the hole above was shining through, though, so that bomb definitely did something.

I was thinking the girl might have something to do with it, so I went back to the cellar to pick her up again. I got her to the boss and the relatively predictable thing happened. When she walked over the light, she turned into the boss.

This one gave me a lot of trouble, because again, I forgot about using my defensive items. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally remembered to use the protective staff and after that, the boss was easy. I just had to hit his head and avoid the rest of him. To be more precise, I had to hit the one attached to his body, because by the end of it, he had two extra floating around.

A Link to the Past, Inventory Screen

I guess I’m almost done gearing up.

So why do I love how the game plays out? Because when I first entered the dark world, it was hard as hell. Now that I got some gear and familiarity, I actually feel more powerful playing through it. I love when the game works that way instead of just making everything harder as you get stronger.